NW District Officers, Awards for Water/Wastewater

The mission of the Northwest District of the Arkansas Water Works & Water Environment Association, formed in 1950, is to encourage the education and licensing of its members in the field of water and wastewater systems and to provide a venue by which the members can share information, obtain training, and improve the overall standing of the profession within their communities.

On Dec. 12 in Fayetteville, Ark., members of the Northwest District of the Arkansas Water Works & Water Environment Association elected the following officers for 2019: Nathan Hooper, Benton-Washington Regional Public Water Authority, Chair; Mayo Miller, Jacobs Engineering, Secretary/Treasurer; and Zak Johnston, Washington Water Authority, Vice Chair.  Brad Stewart, Springdale Water Utilities, received a plaque recognizing his years of service as outgoing Chair. Outstanding Achievement Awards for 2018 are below:




Water Operator
< 5000 Population

William Winn, Winn Environmental Tech

Water Operator
> 5000 Population

Jesse Burch, Beaver Water District

Backflow Prevention Professional

Jerry Cook, Springdale Water Utilities

Wastewater Operator
> 5000 Population

John Eoff, Springdale Water Utilities

Laboratory Professional Water

Mindi Dearing, Beaver Water District

Manager of the Year Water

Kimberly Patulak, Springdale Water Utilities
Manager of the Year Wastewater Nancy Busen, Bentonville Wastewater
Pretreatment Professional Ashley Gregg, Jacobs Engineering
Small System Award Wastewater Mike Neil, NACA

The NWD AWW&WEA Award Committee accepts award nominations for the above award categories throughout the year. The winners will be recognized at the District meeting in December and the nomination forms will be forwarded to the AWW&WEA and AWEA for consideration of the State awards.

Please take your time to nominate someone that deserves the special recognition by filling out the nomination form and submit it to the Awards Committee before November 1st.