Our Mission

The Northwest District of the Arkansas Water Works & Water Environment Association (NWD AWW&WEA) was formed in 1950 and operated in accordance with the established by-laws. The mission of the District is to encourage the education and licensing of its members in the field of water and wastewater systems, and to provide a venue by which the members can share information, obtain training, and improve the overall standing of our profession within the communities. Monthly meetings are held in various cities throughout the ten county District in Northwest Arkansas to provide this essential training and fellowship.

Our Members

Any person/persons who have an interest in the design, installation, operations, and maintenance of water and wastewater systems and those persons who are associated with the manufacturing and supply of related materials and equipment may become members of the NWD AWW&WEA by making application and paying such fees as established by the District. Membership in the District/Association is on a calendar year basis and must be renewed. Please click here for the 2016 NWD Membership Renewal Form.  Please click here for the 2014 Members.

The Association/District is non-profit and no member of the Association is liable for any debts or obligations of the Association/District.

Our Sponsors

We appreciate our Sponsors and encourage their patronage. If you would like to become a Sponsor and help us defray some of the costs, please click here.

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Current Sponsors

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